Real Estate Practice In
The District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia

Darrell W. Clark, Editor
[Paul D. Pearlstein, Former Editor 1995-2010]

Chapter 1 Conveyancing and Holding Title To Real Estate by Michelle Press, 2002
Chapter 2 Residential Real Estate Contracts by David W. Buckley, 2007
Chapter 3 Real Estate Settlements by David Parker, 2008
Chapter 4 Liens and Encumbrances on Real Property by Paul D. Pearlstein, 2004
Chapter 5 Foreclosures by Paul D. Pearlstein, 2008
Chapter 6 Bankruptcy by Darrell W. Clark & Tracey M. Ohm, 2010
Chapter 7 Landlord and Tenant by Carol S. Blumenthal, 2007
Chapter 8 Basic Real Estate Tax Law by Paul D. Pearlstein, 2007
Chapter 9 Real Estate Tax Assessment and Appeals by Michael A. Cain (DC and MD) and James P. Downey (VA), 2002
Chapter 10 Commercial Leasing by Paul D. Pearlstein, 2005
Chapter 11 Environmental Issues by Lewis J. Saret and Paul D. Pearlstein, 2002
Chapter 12 Financing Real Estate by Colin W. Uckert, 2008
Chapter 13 Internet Sites For Real Estate And Bankruptcy Lawyers by Paul D. Pearlstein and Bradley J. Leikiowitz, 2010
Chapter 14 Ethics And Professionalism by Colin W. Uckert, 2009
Chapter 15 Condominiums and Cooperatives by Paul D. Pearlstein and Megan M. Mandryk, 2002

CD Forms for Real Estate Practice in the District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia 2008

The book is updated periodically with valuable, practical
information and forms for the real estate practitioner.


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